The Paradigm Shift is a movement of socially and spiritually aware people who recognise that an awakening is occurring as humanity evolves to a higher more elevated level of consciousness.

The Paradigm Shift movement is an expression of the goal of assisting humanity transform to a new level of awareness during this critical transition.

The shift begins with you.

It is clear that many people are beginning to question the current ‘norm’. People are now actively searching for a different way of living. It often begins by questioning what is my purpose? What am I doing here on this planet? I have a good life but it feels like something is missing. This is perhaps experienced as a feeling of emptiness or a general lack of fulfillment. At a personal level this is often the seed of awakening. Thought processes begin to change and many people are beginning to think bigger, deeper and more profoundly. Consciousness begins to expand.

The Paradigm Shift movement is focused on connecting and networking with like-minded people who believe in a peaceful and harmonious future for humanity. We are interested in exploring and implementing the ideas of free energy, alternative healing, spiritual evolution, world peace, a fair distribution of resources, a just financial system, clean food and water, new technology, environmentalism and a desire to live in harmony with the Earth. Significantly, the Paradigm Shift movement views humanity as one species.

This movement does not seek or believe in revolution or violence in anyway. This movement is not affiliated with any political party.

We seek to create a new Earth based on love, peace, compassion, equality, freedom, liberty, knowledge and true wisdom as we make the transition from corporatism to community and transform society from an attitude of competition and scarcity to co-operation and abundance.

This ongoing Paradigm Shift of humanity is the sum total of all of our unique individual efforts to become conscious.

I know that I cannot do this alone, but I also know that we can do this together. Let’s do this.

If you are reading this you are the shift.

Anthony O’Flynn

BA Hons MA (communications)
Director of Holistic Yoga & Meditation
Paradigm Shift Summit Director

Anthony has been inspiring people on the path of inner transformation for over 15 years. Anthony teaches a diverse range of workshops, courses and retreats that are flavoured by his engaging style, profound knowledge and spirited humour.


Thank you Anthony for your effort and amazing sense of humour – you are a legend and I loved your opening speech and the passion you emit.Jacqui


I felt there was a lot of authenticity and it feels important especially at this time to connect with others at events like this. Thank you Anthony, well done great job, well organized and look forward to more of these. – Michelle

Anthony, thank you for your beautiful insight putting this amazing gathering together. This is something I would encourage many people to participate in. With much love… Bliss! Debbie