Paradigm Shift Summit is a gathering celebrating the dawning of a new Earth and the awakening of humanity - Gold Coast 24–26 September 2019.

This is a unique event featuring some of the pioneers of the paradigm shift and the transformation of human consciousness as we enter a new way of living, a new way of being and a new Earth.

Andrew Raz – USA

Keynote presenter – My contact experiences – honouring your truth at a time of transition

Brian Schaefer

Your destiny awaits – discovering your true soul path

Jain – Northern NSW

Sacred geometry – the flower of life decoded

Jane Pooley – Central Coast NSW

Humalien – my 3 hybrid children & our ET connection

Lorna & Joshua Lafew – Cairns

The template – the reconnection of human biocircuitry through coded ceremony

Katrena Friel – Central Coast NSW

Creating spiritual & financial abundance – beyond the poverty mentality

Alisha Brache – Melbourne

Twin flames & star children – the future of 5D relationships

Merlina Marcan – Sydney

The mystery of orbs – sentient beings from cosmic dimensions

Matthew Patti

Zero limits – awakening your unlimited consciousness

Armonica Sound Healing – Japan / Sunshine Coast

Pineal activation & vibrational medicine – an experiential sound journey

Irina Morrison – Serbia / Brisbane

Yoga for stillness & peace – an inner journey

Tom Rothsey – Coffs Harbour

Gut health – high vibrational food for evolution & ascension

Pane Andov –Macedonia / Gold Coast

UFO's, Contact & the Great Awakening

Nina Hansen – Norway / Sunshine Coast

The 7 chakras and your evolution of consciousness

Deborah Kaye – Gold Coast

Harp sound therapy – celestial healing frequencies


Bobbie Richardson – NZ / Sunshine Coast

My galactic message for humanity


Nate Max

True activism in the 21st century - maintaining sanity whilst being multidimensional


Anthony O'Flynn – Sunshine Coast

MC & Host

Energetic update, disclosure, the event & your awakening