My contact experiences – honouring your truth at a time of transition

A New York fireman by occupation, Andrew finally broke his silence about his encounters with non-human intelligence and the spirit world in December 2017.

Michael Harrell of Language Lessons of the Heart Channel on Youtube interviewed Andrew about his 4D reality and beyond experiences. During the 100 minute interview, Andrew’s skin began to change from normal to blue to black as he talks deeper about his profound spiritual experiences. This video has over 2000 views and it also got the attention of the world renown hypnotist regression expert Mary Rodwell.

Mary Rodwell stated right away after watching the 100-minute video that Andrew activated more of his ET genetics and he is raising his vibration by accessing and activating more of his DNA. Mary and Andrew spoke via Skype the next day. As soon as Mary and Andrew connected via Skype, a massive encounter began to take place. With Mary watching through Skype on her computer, she could see one after another plasma orbs heading towards Andrew's Brooklyn apartment. Andrew spotted 3 enormous multi-coloured multi-level motherships and Mary saw them as well. This encounter was recorded on Andrew's cell phone with pictures and video.

Mary Rodwell was a key witness as she can validate Andrew's outstanding claims that he is being visited everyday by a massive amount of ET/UFO/NHI craft and beings of light. In April 2018, Mary Rodwell performed a hypnosis regression on Andrew. The regression was phenomenal and revealed Andrew's connection to his Arcturian ancestors and helped Andrew to more fully comprehend what he is experiencing and why. Exactly like the first Skype conversation, this conversation attracted another fleet of UFO/ET/NHI craft and beings.

Andrew's encounters also grabbed the attention of a few world renown geneticists and he is now in a long-term DNA research program at a major University in the USA. He has been told he is a good test subject due to his "antenna” which attracts a lot of high strangeness on a daily basis. In March 2018,  Andrew travelled through Australia doing contact and psychic work. Please feel free to check out Andrews Facebook page titled “High Strangeness in Brooklyn”. On the page are hundreds of photos and videos of Andrew's encounters. The evidence is overwhelming.

Andrew has worked full-time as a fireman in Brooklyn, NYC for the past 13 years. He has had encounters with angelic beings of light at the firehouse. He has photos and videos of his encounters with these beings and he is writing a fascinating book to be titled “Angels in the Firehouse”. Maureen Seaberg, author of “Struck By Genius” is a consultant for Andrew for his upcoming book. Andrew was taught how to initiate contact with NHI/ET/UFO by Dr. Steven Greer and Emery Smith and Dr. Jan Bravo in 2011, when he attended an Ambassador to the Universe Training in Borrego Springs, California.

Andrew is also a clear channel, evidential psychic medium and has read hundreds of people over the years. His psychic abilities were activated/enhanced with the assistance of his Arcturian ancestors.

Andrew Raz is a man on a mission to help humanity and provide PROOF that we are not alone and our loved ones, humans or pets, never ever leave us even after they have crossed over into spirit form. Feel free to message Andrew Raz on Facebook or to find his Facebook page, High Strangeness in Brooklyn.