Are you ready to make real changes to your life, get out of your comfort zone and embrace the excitement of challenge and change?


We have all had times in our life when we have felt stuck, going around in circles or our life is not going in the direction we had hoped and imagined.

Things can change but only if you take a new course of action. If you could use some support or simply just be heard, the coaching process will help you get out of a rut, get some perspective on your life and get back on track. Coaching helps accelerate this process of moving forward, transforming you to become the best version of yourself. 


“Coaching is powerful form of support that creates an expansive environment for growth, healing and a deeper level of self-empowerment. I love the journey of assisting others to become their own mentor and hero.”

Anthony O'Flynn


Start a new chapter of your life

Coaching does not keep you locked in the past, forever 'processing' what happened to you and therefore potentially perpetuating a form of victim consciousness. Instead coaching focuses on the now and where you want to go. Coaching is about moving forward. It is about connecting to your potential and creating a bright future.



Real personal empowerment starts with taking action. The secret to success is having your vision and then taking small steps to make that vision become a reality.

This attitude prevents overwhelm and assists you in focusing on developing constructive habits and discipline that leads to positive empowered outcomes.

Amazing results do not happen by accident, a systematic approach with sustained action and inspiration is required to attain both inner and outer success, emotional balance and true fulfillment. 

Each of us possesses the inner resources to consciously construct our lives. However sometimes we lose perspective and our focus narrows. This is where coaching can help.

Coaching will take you from where you are now to where you want to go.

This is an opportunity to work 1-1 with Anthony and tap into his expertise on personal development and the spiritual path on your journey of self-awareness and self-discovery.

Anthony is passionate about the ongoing global awakening of humanity. He is the Director of the Paradigm Shift Summit a movement that is focused on the transformation of human consciousness.

Anthony supports paradigm shifters to monetise their true calling, communicate their message to a wider audience and have a bigger impact on leading and creating the planetary shift. 

It is time for a change.You know you want it. You know you deserve it. Let's make it happen.


What can coaching do for me?

Coaching has numerous applications to support you to create real change and evolve. Some of the ways it can help you include –


Gaining clarity during times of challenge and then attaining a clear perspective on how to move forward.

Learning tools and techniques to assist with personal growth and harmonising your inner world. 

Develop real self confidence and self belief.

Getting you out of a rut.

Generating long-term resilience.

Assist in keeping you accountable as you move forward to execute your plan and achieve your goals.

Create genuine change in your life in the form of changing your career, following your true calling, healing and discovering a greater passion for life.

Simply being seen and heard in a non-judgemental supportive environment. 

Coaching can assist you with any aspect of your life including: health, relationships, sexuality, nutrition, lifestyle, career, spirituality, life purpose as well as emotional and mental well-being.

Receive ongoing motivation, inspiration and create an overall feeling of dynamism and positivity for your life. 

Creating a step-by-step plan of action to achieve real tangible goals with a mentor to support you and transform your life. 


What's next?

If this speaks to you, please get in touch, using the form below, or give Anthony a call on 0415 562798 for a no-obligation chat to see if coaching is something for you.




Creating momentum

This is an introductory coaching package to gain some clarity, focus and direction in your life. The session is 1 X 2 hour session to create momentum.

The session is available in person on the Sunshine Coast, via Skype or over the phone. Please note this particular popular coaching package is a one time offer and is only available once.


1 X 2 hour coaching session – valid for 1 month after purchase.

An extended session to get rapid results. This package may be all that you need to reset your life and get clear about where you want to go.

Experience the power of coaching firsthand.

The session is in person (Sunshine Coast), Skype or by phone.

Complete program only



your life

Get clear, calm and energised - now. Create genuine sustainable change that produces beneficial and fulfilling outcomes. 

Develop a plan with a structured approach and then execute the plan in a logical coherent manner to achieve attainable goals.


3 X 1 hour sessions – valid for 2 months after purchase.

Develop a plan with a structured approach and then execute the plan in a logical coherent manner to achieve attainable goals.

Navigate various emotional transitions with powerful tools to assist in this process. Develop a clear path on the direction you would like to go in your life.

Sessions are in person (Sunshine Coast), Skype or by phone.

Complete program only



Authentic living

Take your vision and make it become a reality.

Take decisive action with ongoing long-term support from Anthony with his collaborative approach. 


10 X 1 hour coaching sessions – valid for 4 months after purchase.

Raise the bar and next level your life with the authentic living package.

Receive ongoing practical tools and support to navigate a path to attain your goal.

Be held accountable for your progress as you rise to meet the challenges ahead.

Get clear on who you are, your values and the direction you would really like to go in. This is for real.

Sessions are in person (Sunshine Coast), Skype or by phone.

Complete program only


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What's next?

If this speaks to you and you would like some more information, please get in touch using the form below or give Anthony a call on 0415 562798 for a no-obligation chat.

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