A sound healing journey with Suntara. 

Suntara means 'bringing light to the Earth'. Allow the sound vibrations to wash over you and wash through you. Suntara will take you on a musical journey around the cosmos with channelled chants, shamanic drumming, crystals bowls, flutes and more. Suntara’s sound healing journey is a unique experience of the power of the vibration of sound. Suntara creates powerful soundscapes to unblock energy and vibrate your body into a state of well-being and harmony. 

Participants report various effects from the sound healings including complete relaxation, feeling 'clear', reduced pain & stress, restful sleep during the nights after the healing, altered states of consciousness, balancing of chakras/energy, clarity and the resolution of challenging situations.

Daniel Coates uses his powerful voice to deliver chants inspired from a variety of ancient traditions such as Australian Aboriginal, American Indian, Celtic and various styles of harmonic singing. Daniel also includes shamanic drumming, crystal bowls and flutes to add to the integration of the sound healing journey.