In 1998, Danny had a life-changing visitation from Pleiadian beings. He was shown through visual imagery a series of futuristic events that indicated both a crisis and the potential for a
leap in human evolution.

His presentation will also include critical information regarding the Ascension and the global shift in consciousness. 

Danny has displayed psychic abilities from the age of 6. In his twenties he had several 'out of body' (OOB) experiences that revealed to him the intricacies of the spirit world. 

He also has numerous media credentials and has been featured on the ABC program Australian Story, Today Tonight and A Current Affair. Print media have also been interested in his work with a feature in the Courier Mail and Danny has also been interviewed on radio broadcasted in Australia, USA, England, Germany and the Netherlands. 

Danny has also published two books available on Amazon and his You Tube channel Path to Ascension has had over 5 million views.