Harp sound therapy – celestial healing frequencies

As an acclaimed author and poet, I also focus my energies as a harpist & singer. My artistic inspiration is a combination of sacred practices such as meditation and shamanism, exploration of sacred sites throughout the world, researching sacred texts and sacred sounds and an immersion into various cultures.

I am fascinated with religions, sacred practices of indigenous cultures and visiting sacred sites. I have spent time with Shamans and Indigenous Elders in Fiji, Vanuatu, and Australia, Voodoo Priests in New Orleans, Native American Medicine Healers and Leaders of a Rosicrucian Order. These subjects have been a fascination of mine for as long as I can remember and culminated in the acquisition of a BA majoring in Philosophy and Religious studies with a minor in Aboriginal Studies.

I appreciate authors in the genre of spirituality, metaphysics, alchemy, mythological and magical realism. I am drawn to Sufi and Persian poets. My appreciation of these genres has helped me to hone my voice as a writer and to isolate the genre I find is best suited to the subject matter of my creative works. As a writer, I write with the purpose of engaging and transcending the reader beyond the day-to-day plane upon which we reside in our habitual existence.

My written expression comes through lyrics, poems, prose, non-fiction and fiction, magazine articles, blog posts and speeches. My latest book Your Personal Tuning Fork the Endocrine System (published with O-Books UK) has consistently done well in the USA, UK and Australia. Currently, I am working on three fiction novels. The plots vary; the themes share a common thread – alchemy, magical realism and the metaphysical.

Other artistic pursuits I am engaged in are – Sacred Harp Sound Immersions, composing and writing songs for CDs and a short documentary about music and plants.

Deborah will be playing the harp in the pre-function area during the breaks and also at the Sunday morning yoga class. Enjoy the serene vibes!