The 7 chakras and your evolution of consciousness

Nina has been a Tantric practitioner for over 19 years and will address the paradigm shift from the perspective of the wisdom of Tantra. 

Nina Hansen is the co-founder of Holistic Yoga & Meditation and has walked the spiritual path for over 19 years. Nina's profound wisdom and serenity captivates participants at the numerous workshops and retreats she leads. Nina's spiritual dedication and loving nature can be felt during the various teachings she offers. This is an opportunity to experience an insightful and rare transmission of the transforming power of authentic Tantric yoga.

Originally from Norway, Nina now resides in Australia. Nina began her spiritual path in Rishikesh, India in 1999 and was fascinated with the richness of Indian philosophy, specifically Tantra and quickly became absorbed by metaphysical and esoteric teachings.

Nina embodies the richness of the Tantric path and particularly enjoys communicating the message of Tantric sexuality, the largely untapped power of the sexual energy as well as the capacity for intimate relationships to act as a catalyst for spiritual evolution and increased self-awareness. Nina is also passionate about empowering the feminine and assisting women in awakening to their potential.

As co-founder of Holistic Yoga & Meditation, a unique school offering a diverse multitude of modalities to create genuine inner transformation for the 21st century seeker, Nina is involved in leading retreats, workshops, course and classes. 

As a truly gifted graphic designer, Nina runs her own thriving business Nina Hansen Design where she uses her natural appreciation of aesthetics in a visual context. Nina has previously worked in some of the biggest and most successful design agencies around the world but now prefers the serenity of the peaceful Sunshine Coast. Nina completed her studies in Visual Communications and the History of Art and Design in England.

Her strong background in art, creativity and design gave Nina a deep appreciation of spiritual art, architecture, scared geometry and esoteric symbolism, all of which have an important role in the spiritual tradition of India.

Nina offers a very gentle and soft teaching style. Compassion and tolerance are intrinsic components in her ability to convey the message of yoga in a modern and contemporary approach.

Today Nina believes that bringing your spiritual practice into every moment of life by cultivating awareness is an essential aspect to develop on the spiritual path. This ability to remain present is fundamental to expanding consciousness and is a constant reminder to embrace the journey of life and cherish each and every day.