Yoga for stillness & peace – an inner journey

Irina will be offering Awakening Yoga, a gentle yoga class on the Sunday of the shift to energise and activate you for your journey of awakening.

In 2014, Irina left the corporate world, hung her designer suits in the back of her wardrobe and replaced them with yoga pants. Her passion for yoga became her career. While running her own classes, she also collaborated with physiotherapists, chiropractors as well as wellness and fitness centres. Implementing her skills of counselling and business management alongside yoga, Irina successfully runs yoga retreats for relaxation and rejuvenation of both, body and mind.

Irina holds a Yoga Teacher Diploma (HH Dip. Y.T.), a Diploma in Professional Counselling and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. 

Irina is also involved with the work of UNITY EARTH, an organisation that connects people and organisations, produces uplifting events and distributes messages of hope that all contribute to inspire the emergence of a co-creative global civilisation founded on unity.

Irina teaches both hatha and yin yoga. Her teaching approach is grounded, based on overall well-being and a unification of mind, body and spirit.