Humalien – my 3 hybrid children & our ET connection

Jane Pooley passed 3 lie detector tests before appearing on the channel 10 program – Studio 10. As a lifelong experiencer, Jane has participated in the Grey alien and human breeding program. 

Jane has a clear recall of most of her experiences on the craft and has met and hugged her 3 hybrid 'humalien' children and grand daughter and been given a tour of a massive Grey mothership. There was also an opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge and clarity of her profound experiences.

A natural seeker, Jane has always desired a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the universe. This assisted her to process and integrate her ongoing experiences with the Greys and live with an expanded consciousness. 

Jane previously enjoyed a long career in emergency nursing and education with ongoing study and updating her qualifications. This considerably helped Jane to understand what was happening to her at a biological and anatomical level and more significantly, why.

The decision to 'go public' with her story helped Jane to acknowledge her own experience with her 'humalien' children as real and to also assist other abductees who were struggling to understand their experience of having unborn children taken by ET's.  

Today Jane is a pioneer bringing the abduction experience into public awareness and has bravely shared her experience with resolute courage and determination to have the truth of the existence of ET's disclosed as this is the reality of the cosmos that we are connected to.

However, Jane asserts that the Grey's have been very kind to her and embraces the fullness of her experience with this ET race.

Jane's contact experiences with the Grey's are ongoing with the latest being January 2018 and are the subject of her published book  Humalien: The Lighter Side Of The Grey Alien And Human Breeding Program.

Both a mother and grandmother, Jane lives on the Central Coast of NSW, which is a known hotspot for UFO sightings.