Bachelor Social Science, Masters Counselling, Counsellor, Relationship Therapist, Facilitator – Conscious Communicator. 

8 steps to heal communication & deepen connection. 

Most of us want to feel loved, accepted and understood.  This happens in relationship with others, but often our best intentions come unstuck and we feel frustrated, misunderstood and disconnected. Kylie’s presentation will offer solid steps you can take to improve communication and thereby feel more deeply and authentically connected in all of your relationships.

Kylie is a professional counsellor, relationship therapist, facilitator and writer with a passion for helping people to deepen connection & live authentically.

Kylie’s therapeutic framework is rooted in the social constructionist approach that arose from our recent paradigm shift to postmodern psychotherapy and research.

We are now embracing the importance of understanding the beliefs, values and meanings we were taught and continue to perpetuate in our everyday conversations and in all relationships, both with self and others, thereby shaping our reality.

Through individual and couples therapy, workshops, writing and events, Kylie invites us to broaden our perspectives, deepen our awareness and enrich our daily interactions with others.