My contactee experience. What it really means to connect with ET's.

Lauren is a life-long UFO/extraterrestrial contactee and experiencer and will present her authentic journey of experiences with the UFO phenomenon and numerous paranormal events of her life. Lauren offers popular Skywatches which are live secluded events at night, seeking to experience contact with UFO's and ET's both in the sky and on the ground. This calling is an expression of Lauren's passion for the global shift in consciousness.

Lauren will address the reality of ET's interacting with humanity and the possibility of full contact becoming the norm between visitors from other planets and humans, as Earth becomes an interstellar planet.

Lauren is also a sound resonance healer using singing bowls and 432htz. Another modality that Lauren is trained in is Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHH) as pioneered by Dolores Canon.  Lauren has also formulated her own healing technique and offers various workshops and events across South-East Queensland. She is passionate about helping humanity open their minds, heal their hearts and the raising of the collective consciousness. Lauren is also a nature lover and is currently writing her first book.