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Welcome with Anthony O'Flynn 

Energetic update, disclosure, the event & your awakening
With Anthony O'Flynn

Zero limits – awakening your unlimited consciousness
With Matthew Patti

Twin flames & star children – the future of 5D relationships
With Alisha Brache

My contact experiences – honouring your truth at a time of transition
Andrew Raz

The 7 chakras and your evolution of consciousness
With Nina Hansen

UFO's, Contact & the Great Awakening
With Pane Andov

The mystery of orbs – sentient beings from cosmic dimensions
With Merlina Marcan

The template – the reconnection of human biocircuitry through coded ceremony
With Lorna & Joshua Lafew


Humalien – my 3 hybrid children & our ET connection
With Jane Pooley

My galactic message for humanity
With Bobbie Richardson

Sacred geometry – the flower of life decoded
With Jain

Developing Material & Spiritual Abundance – Beyond the Poverty Mentality
With Katrena Friel

Pineal activation & vibrational medicine – an experiential sound journey
With Armonica Sound Healing

Gut health – high vibrational food for evolution & ascension
With Tom Rothsey

Your destiny awaits – discovering your true soul path
With Brian Schaefer

Nate Max – True activism in the 21st century - maintaining sanity whilst being multidimensional

The panel – featuring Andrew Raz, Alisha Brache, Jane Pooley
Hosted by Anthony O'Flynn