The template – The template – the reconnection of human biocircuitry through coded ceremony

Lorna and Joshua Lafew are the ambassadors for The Template Ceremonies in Australia and facilitate the first 6 ceremonies during a 5 day retreat. Recently they completed an Australian tour bringing The Template to each major city, then returning home to Cairns. In Cairns the Lafew Cafe & Kombucha Bar, their plant-based restaurant, also provides an aesthetically compelling clear space to regularly hold Template events. 

For many years Lorna and Joshua had explored and evaluated a considerable variety of physical and spiritual modalities in their search for a way in which to support and accelerate sustainable transformation. A self empowering path that integrated the true history of humanity and the higher physics of creation in order to not only discover our true identity but to also embody it.

Along their journey they have both researched and distilled an impressive and comprehensive body of information that covers the economic, political, psychosocial, chemical, and electromagnetic manipulation of human consciousness. Recently updating their knowledge to encompass the epidemic of hyper dimensional interference and the infiltration of AI. All of which is relevant to humanity's need to know the circumstances into which they chose to incarnate and thus discern their role in the present one world disorder. 

Add to this their knowledge of the energy body, healing disciplines, fasting and the importance and implications of real nutrition and you have a solid base on which to add the Template process of reconnecting biocircuitry. As circuitry is the delivery system of energetic nature of source code consciousness, their skill and knowledge is put to optimum use in the integration, transformation process that follows Template work.

Th template is a holonomic model of transcendence. There are 16 ceremonies in The Template. Each ceremony is a fractal within the holonomic model of transcendence. 

The Template itself is an interactive schematic that provides a whole system through which the resurrection of the original Human blueprint is achieved, via the reconnection of bio-circuitry, through coded ceremony. Each ceremony reconnects a series of circuits within the human bio-computer. Each series of circuits creates a layer of reinstated electromagnetic integrity that in turn interacts with the circuits reconnected in all the other ceremonies.

The Template model is a new paradigm schematic and as such, the language used holds the frequency of an expanded immortal harmonic.
To downgrade this information into mundane language is to lose a vital harmonic, for the language itself is transformational. When physics reaches a certain depth, it synthesises with the divine Tantric potencies of creation and becomes poetry. As with poetry it must be understood with the heart and the body as well as the mind. 

Built upon the laws of resonant harmonics, creating synergy with the vibratory infrastructure of our dormant DNA, the Template is a transcendent model that offers the uninterpreted, uncensored energetic truth of creation, delivered by the simple reconnection of electromagnetic energy, that truth may open to you, within you. It is an interactive model of transcendence, a model that recognises that the liberation of Earth and Humanity from duality is intrinsic to the realisation of an authentic space-time frequency zone, a frequency that is resonant with the divine immortal continuum, a paradigm that is but a quantum flux away.

The Template ceremonies are alchemically coded experiences that initiate measurable, sustainable transformation. A calibrated holonomic convergence of sound, sacred geometry & consciousness, reconnecting electromagnetic circuits that deliver the energetic nature of source consciousness into your human holonom - rejuvenating your endocrine system. 

The influx of this creation code initiates the collapse of programs that are reliant upon the synthetic matrix as your being is re-embraced into the holography of the immortal continuum.

Ceremonies are self-contained cycles that groove with and unlock the ancient information matrices that exist in the natural world. Ceremony engages our wild side as it stimulates, supports and honours our instinctual nature, nurturing the lineage of our souls, not only connecting us to our home, the Earth but also empowering us to reach through the heavy mantle of frequency that covers her. Enabling us to reach out to and connect with those ancient sentient beings from many far flung star systems who gave of their genetic codes in a time of peace. The gift that was sealed with the symbol of the bird. 

Ceremonies are combination codes which speak an alchemical language across time. They are an invitation to remember who we truly are. Ceremony invokes a new pattern of response breaking down the walls of our social isolation and loneliness. They are a proclamation of unity, harmony and co-operation that returns us to the knowledge that we are holographic focal points in the unified field.

We simply need to discover who we are and resurrect that potential, not only in our hearts and minds but tangibly in the one true instrument of light and love that we own -  our bodies.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.