The mystery of orbs – sentient beings from cosmic dimensions

The topic of orbs is gaining increasing popularity as many seek to understand this astral & ethereal phenomenon. 

Merlina has completed studies in both pathology and microbiology at the Institute of Technology in Sydney. Yet a change of heart led to her become a performer and travel the world as a nightclub singer & entertainer. 

After an intense family crisis, Merlina became aware of the spiritual dimension of life and began to seek answers to existential and spiritual questions. 

In 2009, Merlina began to photograph orbs and had a paranormal life-changing experience that inspired and guided her to depeen her research into the orb phenomenon. This guidance has come from non-physical beings who have supported Merlina and assisted with her mission.

Today Merlina is dedicated to the research and understanding of the orb phenomenon. Merlina is regarded as a world expert and has created a paradigm shifting method of revealing the visual aspect of orbs which is considered to be a method these highly evolved astral and etheric sentient beings use to travel and explore the inter-dimensional reality of the universe.

This research has culminated in the formulation of the MFT Method, which is Merlina's ability to focus into the light energies of the orbs. This is considered to be compelling visual evidence to definitively confirm that visitation is occurring by beings from alternate dimensions. Merlina's pioneering research is documented in her published book Our Destiny Lies Within Orb Truth.