The new paradigm of business

It is clear that the old paradigm is an unsustainable business model. This is now apparent across the global business arena. Mia’s solution-based presentation will integrate real tools and tips that will empower you to create a transparent business model that builds trust with a focus on how to make a positive impact that leaves an enduring legacy. It's time for a new ethical and sustainable business structure for the new paradigm and our new Earth. 

With a global oriented vision, Mia Munro empowers Change Makers to embrace a balanced view of the way in which they create social impact.  Through commercially viable enterprises and measurable social impact outcomes they can contribute to a sustainable approach in the new paradigm.

She demonstrates this through MIAKO, a social enterprise destined to correct the imbalances of humanity by providing new paradigm education & producing sustainable products with unique technology to contribute to the new transparency economy.

Having spoken on stages around the world for over ten years and contributing to the start up of over 21 social projects, Mia has seen the rapid shift from a system that enhances poverty to new models that allow for sustainable change for humanity, the environment and the animal kingdom.

A philanthropist with heart, Mia Munro has donated time and money to many causes however her contribution to challenging not for profits to build for profit models is where most of her impact has taken place. She is a strong believer in ambassadorship and the role we can all play in taking personal responsibility for our own impact be it positive or negative.

Continuing her outstanding work in the domain of leadership, Mia authored the book ‘Get Real — Why Wouldn’t You?’ and created a highly successful ‘Wealth Performance Profiling System’. She filmed a full-feature documentary in 2012 following twelve leaders on their path from ‘Ego-centric’ to ‘World-centric’ and  launched a documentary series, The Unconventional Way, in 2015.

Mia currently speaks internationally and is facilitating her signature experiential learning program, the ‘Global Leadership Experience’ that focuses on activation, disruption, service, expansion and collaborative constructs.

Specialties: professional & personal development, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, leadership, philanthropy, sales, social dynamics and social innovation.