Nate is a dedicated activist seeking to inspire and awaken humanity.

Nate has lived a colourful past. He now using those lessons to empower humans to break free from anything that is not conducive to life – 'drop the stories & let's make change'. Nate helps others to push through their fears, trauma as well as disempowering mindsets to reclaim their unlimited potential.

Nate has been running seminars, sound journey's, meditation classes, group gatherings, Pod casts, Facebook lives, protests & helping organise sweat lodges and ceremonies for over 6 years. He has worked with Native American Indians & Australian Aboriginal elders learning the lore of the land to pass onto the next generation. 

Another project he is involved in is Youtube channel Nate Max TV. This platform is a focus on activism, the awakening of humanity and well-being, that is reflected in his guests who are change makers and game changers.

Nate has also been working with free energy concepts for many years, his car and bus both run on hydrogen & he lives completely off-grid in his motor home.