This retreat will address –

• How to accelerate the awakening process.
• How to surf the waves of the shift and cope with the energetic changes.
• How to remain resilient in the face of ongoing challenges.
• How to make the transition into a life of meaning embracing your true destiny and life-purpose.
• A deeper understanding of the aspects of where we need to awaken in order to integrate at a deeper level.
• How to stop waiting for the shift and start acting and living now.
• How to walk between the 2 worlds of the old and the new paradigm.
• How to get clear on the journey ahead and the activation process.
• How to deal with an identity crisis when you don't know who you are anymore and the world makes no sense.
• Developing a heart-centred way of life.
• Tools and tips for genuine inner transformation.
• Integrating and working with your shadow to increase self-acceptance and self-knowledge.
• Meditation to create deep inner stillness and energise the heart chakra to connect to states of self acceptance, compassion, empathy, harmony and unconditional love. 

This workshop will provide a profound integration combining a grounded and discerning approach to the paradigm shift that simultaneously fuses with a necessity for increased self-awareness and the inner transformation that ultimately produces genuinely higher states of consciousness.

This retreat will be characterised by a compassionate heartfelt nonjudgmental atmosphere. 

The retreat will be hosted by Anthony O'Flynn a skillful facilitator, certified life-coach and the director of Holistic Yoga & Meditation, a unique spiritual school that integrates numerous modalities. As the host and director of the Paradigm Shift Summit, Anthony has a deep passion for the global awakening of humanity. This retreat will include some of the key factors in accelerating the awakening process by addressing aspects of the spiritual dimension that are intrinsic to navigating the shift and embracing the waves of changes and challenges that define this critical transition to the Golden Age of humanity.

Anthony has embraced the journey of the spiritual path for over 18 years spending over 2 years of his life in India practicing and studying intensively while striving to experience the most sublime mystical states. Anthony has led countless courses, workshops and retreats over the years and still maintains a deep enthusiasm and aspiration to both practice and communicate the message of spirituality and evolution.


Venue – Sunshine Coast hinterland.

When – 17–19 November 2017 (arrival from 5pm Friday departure 2pm Sunday).

Earlybird fee – single $695, twin-share $645, non-residential (includes all meals and retreat program) $495.

If you book in and pay in full by 08.10.17.


The retreat is limited to 12 people.


Check back soon for more details on this profound retreat.

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