Twin flames & star children – the future of 5D relationships

Alisha is very passionate about supporting people through their awakening towards reclaiming their own self mastery. Alisha works with people to become more in alignment with their soul’s purpose which flows on to assist humanity to transition towards a better future.

As Alisha states – I love to focus on each person’s life purpose, soul mission and how each co-contribute towards planetary ascension!

Specifically, Alisha's work is a specialised focus on Twin Soul connections and the children which can come through this union which is essentially a divine birth. This is known throughout history, and what Alisha refers to as the ‘ancient way’. This phenomenon is now returning in various forms to create a new generation of cosmic children.

Alisha's presentation will address the transition of 3D based relationships into 5D relationships that is now beginning to occur where compatibility is energetically based.

These relationships are more commonly known as Twin Soul relationships and how this soul connection is a catalyst for two people to go through their personal ascension process to move into the highest energy embodiment. The outcome of this process, is that children of a much higher frequency can be birthed into the reality of the New Earth.

It is a journey of many at this time which is aligning with the paradigm shift and part of an evolutionary process through conscious conception and the birthing of star children. This will create the phenomenon of the ancient spiritual concept of immaculate conception and the divine birth of hybrid children. This profound transformation is highly interconnected  and we are only starting to scratch the surface of what will be possible as we move deeper into the ongoing planetary ascension process.