UFO's, Contact & the Great Awakening

After an extraordinary close encounter with a UFO at the age of seven, Pane’s life began to change rapidly. During that event he was taken onboard a UFO and his DNA was altered in such a way that he started experiencing paranormal phenomena. He also began to experience out of body experiences. 

Seven years after that initial experience, he became immersed in the training of Psionic Arts. His spiritual practices included transcendental meditation, astral projection, tai chi, kriya yoga and esoteric buddhism. His commitment was sincere and his practice was often over seven hours per day. The results Pane achieved were astonishing.

As a contactee from a very young age, Pane kept silent about his experiences for a long time. Today Pane is in his 40's and the time has come for him to reveal what he knows about extraterrestrial activities on the astral plane – a dimension that the majority of people visit temporarily every night during their deep sleep but have none or only a very limited awareness of. Almost one-third of his controlled and conscious out of body experiences are encounters with extraterrestrial beings. What he has to say about the activities of the extraterrestrials in this dimension, is mind blowing knowledge of the true nature of the astral planes.