Author, Starseed – Esoteric Mapmaker

ET's, Earth consciousness and the cosmic agenda.

Paulina Howfield is a UK born starseed, esoteric map-maker, telepath and author, who uses light and sound frequencies to encode and activate the consciousness of Earth and humanity. Paulina awakened to this soul purpose during a Near Death Experience. Although an experiencer with numerous ET encounters and beings before the NDE, after her awakening to soul memory, her interactions with them changed and Paulina now works alongside them to activate and cleanse certain areas to facilitate the awakening of our human consciousness. 

Since 1987 she has spoken at consciousness and UFO conferences in the UK, US, Ireland, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Paulina has participated in discussion panels alongside indigenous elders and global spiritual teachers, including Dolores Cannon. She has also been the key note speaker at various new earth festivals and paranormal symposiums and has shared her teaching programs and worked with clients around the world. Paulina has also spent many years interacting clairvoyantly with the cosmic and archetypal energy fields at planetary sacred sites and discusses this aspect of her work and her esoteric map-making on the Islands of Malta in her book - ‘Remembering Isis – Reconnecting the Divine Feminine at the Goddess Temples of Malta‘.

In 1994 she created ‘International Angel Day – Practising Random Acts of Kindness’ and promoted it in 22 countries. She led lectures, workshops and meditation processes on the day and spoke with media outlets across the world. She has created two energy training programmes – ‘Body and Planetary Energy Alignment’ and ‘E.E.C.T (Earth Energy Consciousness Training)’ - and takes groups and individuals on sacred pilgrimages to planetary sites where they learn the basic skills of esoteric map-making and how to interact telepathically with the consciousness of the Earth. 

Paulina has also trained in education, psychology, art therapy, past life regression, shamanic healing and esoteric modalities and combines her skills to create unique consultations in ‘body energy alignment’, ‘past and future life therapies’ ‘wellness for the mind, body and soul’, and 'art and soul’. Some of this work is discussed in the book she is currently writing titled ‘The Art of Dying’ where she explains the benefits of using ‘art and soul’ sessions with cancer patients.

In her work as a trainer/psychologist, Paulina has delivered lectures for the UN and AusAID and designed, written and implemented Community Education and Life Skills Training Programmes for them in Vietnam, Thailand and Australia. She is also an artist and photographer and creates images that are infused with galactic energies - often prompted by her ET friends - to help trigger consciousness. She has a deck of soul whispers cards that combine her photography with her spiritual and psychological insights, and has a series of earth meditations/shamanic journey's that enable the listener to interconnect deeply with the soul of the Earth at specific sacred sites.

Paulina has been interviewed by Nine News, UKTV, SBS, and ITV(UK); ABC Radio, 6PR, 93.8FM, 98.6FM, Curtin FM, Over the Rainbow; and NOVA Magazine, Conscious Living, Spirit Earth Magazine, The West Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald. For five years she produced and presented a weekly spiritual radio program.