PhD Creative Arts, Counsellor, Author – Intuitive Pathfinder

The science of intuition – discovering your intuitive intelligence.

Intuition is innate within each of us, but it doesn’t mean that we are all going to turn it on. There is a science of intuition that reclaims this superpower from the clutches of the new age and takes it way beyond gut instinct. We need to know the steps to master intuition so that it can take its place as our most sophisticated form of intelligence and activate the inevitable success and infinite power that is our birthright.

Intuitive Intelligence is that system – a leap beyond knowing we are intuitive into the leading edge of accessing and living that intuition at the highest level. Intuitive Intelligence is the most profound consciousness engineering tool we can access and everything else begins when we turn this on. This experiential presentation will reveal the steps required to turn on your intuitive intelligence to elevate your intuition.

Ricci-Jane Adams, Ph.D. is the principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. She trains people all around Australia as leading edge intuitive readers and gold standard practitioners of the Intuitive Intelligence™ Method. Intuitive Intelligence is the system and science of living intuition. In decades of immersive learning and applied research, Ricci-Jane has created this system, which powerfully connects people to their innate intuition. Ricci-Jane is an award-winning writer, and author of Intuitive Intelligence, a handbook for understanding and living the science of intuition. Her mission is to activate the intuitive intelligence in as many people as she can get her hands on. Ricci-Jane has a doctorate from the University of Melbourne in magical realism. She is a qualified Transpersonal Counsellor, Reiki Master and is trained in the EMF Balancing Technique. She has spent over twenty years devoted to her spiritual awakening.