Researcher, UFO & Paranormal Experiencer, Hypnotherapist, Healer – Paradigm Shifter.


Paradigm Shifters Dinner Q&A panel. 

Sheryl is the president of UFO Research Queensland and has been investigating the UFO phenomenon since 1988. Sheryl has had numerous paranormal experiences including a near-death experience, UFO sightings, a contact experience with ET's, poltergeist activity and various other psychic phenomenon. Sheryl is an ET counsellor, afterlife investigator and clinical hypnotherapist. Sheryl is a passionate advocate of the ET reality presenting regularly at various events and writing for various UFO and New Age magazines.  

Some of the greatest stories never told are those of other-world encounters experienced by everyday people. If you have seen a UFO, communicated with ET's or other-world intelligences then you are in the 7% of the population who are living with a greater reality that others remain unaware of.

Sheryl will feature on the panel at the Saturday Paradigm Shifters Dinner. Sheryl will be taking questions from the audience and exploring in detail some of the key and relevant aspects of the UFO phenomenon. This will be a wonderful opportunity to 'tap into' Sheryl's extensive knowledge of the contemporary issues related to contact and the complexity of humanity's interactions with ET's, non-worldly beings and UFO's. 

Sheryl is a true pioneer and dedicated researcher of the UFO mystery with nearly 30 years of experience. In 1992, along with her late husband Dr Martin Gottschall, she established the first close encounter support group in Brisbane. She speaks regularly at UFO meetings, conferences; gives presentations to community groups, schools and libraries and undertakes various media interviews. Sheryl also facilitates a monthly Afterlife group, teaches Reiki, shamanic journeying and mindfulness meditation. Her other services include Aura-soma colour therapy, Soulcollage and infant massage training.