The Intimacy Matrix – CPR for your relationships.

Tanmayo Lawson is an international speaker, presenter and facilitator with more than 30 years experience in the arena of transpersonal relationships and personal transformation. The intimacy matrix is an exploration of relationships (of all kinds) in the new paradigm and the potential to experience relationships as a vehicle and opportunity for deep and continuous transformation. 

Every relationship creates a specific frequency of its own. The more intimate the relationship the more energy is woven to create a relationship energy matrix. This energy matrix is the vessel that you travel in together. This 'ship' is woven from the energy that is invested in the relationship.

Tanmayo offers a new formula to experience your reality along with abilities to stay conscious and present in challenging environments opening you and your relationships to a new flow and way of being that you had perhaps never before imagined.

Meditation and spiritual awakening has been part of her life since being introduced to Zen in 1978. Tanmayo is one of the star-seeds who received a big wake up call in 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence. She offers many retreats and workshops throughout the year along with private coaching sessions which are designed to clarify any obstacles you may encounter in life. 

As a Gene Keys Coach and relationship specialist since 2004, Tanmayo integrates the teachings received from her study with Dr Claudio Naranjo’s School for Seekers After Truth, along with 16 years of study in the ‘Diamond Logos School’ into all of her sessions. The outcome being to support the emergence of essential and spiritual qualities into the relationship with everyday life to produce a deeper level of harmony, fulfilment and acceptance. 

Grounded in kinesiology and bodywork, Tanmayo has founded and created Integral Touch of Facial Harmony, a face and body treatment that unwinds the traumas of our bonding issues. Today there are now practitioners and trainers in this treatment in more than six countries.

Your first relationship is within, it is from that well of wisdom that all attractions arise. – Tanmayo Lawson