Live channelling – the voice of Cosmic Awareness.

Will's session will be an insightful and profound live channelling session. Will has been the voice of Cosmic Awareness for 10 years and is internationally recognised with a global client base. Cosmic Awareness is the force of consciousness that expressed itself through Edgar Cayce and who again speaks today through Will as the world goes through a time of deep transformation. This live session will explore the message of Cosmic Awareness and the current climate of the planetary awakening.


Originally Canadian, Will has a profound gift and is a messenger of wisdom. His channelling is diverse in scope and embraces many deep and relevant aspects of the shift that are often overlooked. Will leaves no stone unturned and embraces the key issues that humanity must face in order to taste true freedom. His perceptions reveal insights into ascension, UFO's, contact with ET's, geopolitics, 'conspiracy', spiritual development and a range of other topical global events that require a high-level of discernment to understand the true implications and ramifications.  

Will has a BA Degree in Psychology and his private therapy practice has touched and changed people's lives for over three decades. 

Will has also pursued his own interest in metaphysics and now sees himself as more of a multi-dimensional Psychologist and Counsellor.  He has developed a unique technique of therapy that he calls Trinary Regression Therapy. The goal of this method is to bring the lower-self and the higher-self into harmony to produce balance, healing and inner peace. 

As he developed his professional capacity as a therapist, Will has always worked towards his own spiritual evolution and enlightenment.  It was during the course of his personal spiritual practice that he developed the capacity to channel that force of consciousness known as Cosmic Awareness.  Most would understand Cosmic Awareness to be the voice that spoke through Edgar Cayce.   

It is apparent that Cosmic Awareness has been communicating the ongoing Paradigm Shift for many years and currently gives information about the human experience in a context that is directly related to the shift in consciousness, as seen from a higher level – the perspective of cosmic awareness.