Astral travel – a cosmic voyage.

Seventeen years ago Greg Doyle began to spontaneously astral travel. This is his story of his relationship with the astral universe and how Greg authentically developed this paranormal power to consciously experience the astral world and the exploration and transformation that resulted. Greg will also provide details of tips and tricks for the awakening of your own cosmic voyage.

As a professional classical musician, Greg firstly discovered meditation primarily to combat stage fright. In 1999, he awakened to the reality of the phenomenon of astral projection. This was a life changing experience that expanded his consciousness, changed the course of his career and altered the very perception of his being at a fundamental level. 

Greg will share the revelations of his projections and voyages in the astral world including his experiences with ET's, non-human entities, past lives, future lives and other non-physical worlds that are possible to access through the ability to consciously astrally project. 

Significantly, Greg will reveal how astral projection can be used in a practical way to experience greater emotional balance and harmony in everyday living as well as the power of intention and the direct knowledge and wisdom he has accumulated from his own experiences. Greg will also express his relationship to his higher-self and the communication that he consciously understood and was then able to embody and benefit from in his own life. 

His perceptions at a truly higher level of consciousness will prove to be an insightful and discerning journey into the realms of the astral dimension including revelations of the experience of death and what exactly lies beyond our limited physical experience. 

Greg is the author of 'Awakening the Giant Within' – A Personal Adventure into the Astral Realms' which details his experiences in the astral world. Greg also holds astral travel workshops, meditation classes and offers healing sessions as a Reiki master in Brisbane.