Asaya is a self taught artist painting from the inner language of imagination and has trained with masters from around the world in body-mind communication, specialised guided heart-imagery, the art of dreaming, meditation and the power of the heart.

Asaya brings a fusion of 21 years of self discovery into The Living Arts to inspire creative expansion, inner-seeing and transformation.

The teachings of the Living Arts are to assist in these times of great change that we are living through both personally and globally, knowing that no matter what the outer circumstances are we still have to live our lives and navigate change, choosing what is life giving and loving.

And through change we can either attempt to effect the ‘outside’ world or we can go inwards and centre in a place within our-selves, choosing a state of ‘Being’ and responding to the world from this centre point, to be ‘effective’ instead of ‘at the effect’ of the outer circumstances. Here true power lies, when we begin to be an authority unto ourselves and our lives.

The Living Arts offers such journey’s to support this place of being through commissioned dream art, specialised guided heart-imagery, dream healing, creative freedom retreats and original art for sacred spaces.

By returning our vision inward we begin to remember that we are the ones we have been waiting for, and as we see through the eyes of the heart we awaken our common-unity and the gift of our creative source within.