At this time in the shifting consciousness of the Earth we are being invited to let go of limiting patterns and past life trauma held within the energetic matrix of the light body (energy body) and return to the wisdom of the multidimensional self.

With the heightened vibrational frequencies bombarding the planet, we are morphing from a carbon based to a crystalline based cellular structure, allowing the higher self to merge with the physical body, to create a soul embodiment.

At this insightful workshop, Michael will be working with the group as a whole and individually to support you on your physical ascension process. Michael will channel transmissions of energy in the form of light language with a focus on deleting outdated programs and limiting beliefs, upgrading body systems and activating galactic DNA consciousness.


Michael is a transformational healer, teacher, somatic psychotherapist, astral shaman and light language channel for the Pleiadian collective, Christ Consciousness and the Ascended Masters – Thoth and Merlin.

With a background in science, medical microbiology and with more than a decade working in transplant immunology, Michael has always had an interest in the cellular functioning of the body even before he started his spiritual journey. As his work evolved, his channelling both in English and light language primarily focused on transforming the cellular consciousness of the body. The outcome from this process is to connect clients to their Soul’s origins and divine purpose. This assists to support their individual evolution and the upliftment of the collective consciousness while integrating the New Earth frequencies.

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Monday 26.08.19 9.30am – 12.30pm
Venue – Vibe Hotel, 42 Ferny Ave. Surfers Paradise
(Approximately 5 minutes walk from Mantra)

Workshop fee - Earlybird $99