My galactic message for humanity

As a galactic experiencer, Bobbie will share her numerous experiences and cosmic encounters with ET's and inter-dimensional beings. 

Originally from Christchurch New Zealand, Bobbie was gifted with the ability to see into other frequencies which included extra terrestrials, inter-dimensional beings and people who have passed.

This was very confusing at the beginning so she decided to take the reigns and ask the big questions that ignited her curiosity during that period of her life. These included the truth of the history of humanity as well as the elevated topic of human potential.

Bobbie has since been visited by many inter and extra dimensional beings but four main beings offered her considerable insightful knowledge of the evolution of humanity.

Bobbie has also with connected an Elder from the USA who she then went on to work with. Bobbie learnt many extraordinary things and also experienced a telepathic connection with the Elder. While over in Ohio USA, Bobbie has also been involved in Sundance’s and other profound ceremonies.

Bobbie has had many precognitive dreams and feels that as a natural empath, helping others to clear their minds is a very rewarding experience.

As a creator, she is an author illustrator, singer, songwriter, poet and has published two children’s books assisting our children to empower themselves through connection and knowing thyself. She is now writing her third book ‘UFO Girl’. Bobbie has also created a workshop that focuses on human potential.