Reclaim your health – change habits and make conscious choices.

Cyndi O'Meara is a nutritionist, best selling author, international speaker and founder of Changing Habits. Cyndi is passionate about educating people to make better choices in the area of diet, lifestyle and wellness. Her unique, surprisingly simple and down-to-earth approach challenges and encourages others to eliminate unhealthy habits and has inspired thousands to make smarter choices about the food they put in their body. 

Cyndi has a wealth of experience in the wellness industry and her 1998 ground breaking book Changing Habits Changing Lives became an instant best seller. Cyndi has established a successful organic food company, certified online educational program and has recently released a cutting-edge documentary. 

Cindy's joy is educating others to make empowering positive choices so they can enjoy greater health throughout their life journey.  By educating people on how to read food labels, why diets don't work and how drugs can affect your total well-being and vitality, Cyndi confronts her audiences with new truths regarding diet and wellness. This new awareness assists in creating genuine long-lasting changes with simple and achievable steps on how to create healthier habits and enjoy the positive outcomes that this transformation brings.