UFO's in Australia – contact is already here.

Damien Nott has one of the world's largest collections of photographic and video documentation of UFO's. Damien has extensive media credentials, appearing on Channel 7 news, Today Tonight, the Today Show and is also regularly featured on Mexican television. Damien has also been interviewed on ABC radio and over 40 internet radio programs. Publications such as the Sun Herald, the Weekender and the Guardian have also been drawn to Damien's research. Simply put, Damien Nott is a UFO legend and will offer a spell-binding, authentic key-note presentation of the undeniable presence of unidentified flying objects right here in Australia.

Over the past years Damien has amassed an immense collection of UFO footage captured on video, camera and night vision formats. He feels passionately about sharing this footage with the world and his presentation will consist of these irrefutable images and experiences that have shaped his journey into the world of the unidentified and unexplained.

He began investigating and researching the UFO phenomenon after a sighting he witnessed at the age of 9. He went public in 2012 after multiple sightings and considerable media attention and has become a passionate voice both nationally and internationally for the phenomenon. 

Damien regularly gives presentations across Australia showing his UFO/UAP captures and speaks about his own experiences and research regarding UFO's. His story and photographs have also appeared in magazines such as Ufologist magazine, Take 5 magazine  and the UK's UFO Truth magazine. 

In 2012 , Damien founded A.A.P.I. ( Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigations ) which is now comprised of several investigators nationwide who also film the phenomenon themselves. 

Damien has appeared in five documentaries , including 'Confirmation' while three others are still to be released including 'Beyond The Spectrum'. He is currently also in the process of making his own documentary – 'Fractured Reality' which is based on his own sightings and experiences from childhood onwards.