Publisher, Editor Nexus Magazine – Alternative News Pioneer


The big picture – a time of global transition and the journey ahead.

Duncan Roads is the publisher and editor of Nexus Magazine, which is published internationally and an iconic name in alternative news circles. His extensive experience and discernment in activism, alternative news and the unexplained fuses to produce profound insights and a comprehensive overview of the paradigm shift. His presentation will include details of the current geopolitical situation and the ET agenda.

Duncan has been involved in alternative media and activism since 1981. He created Southern Cross Magazines in 1981 and then went on to work at Simply Living Magazine in the mid-late 80's. He also initiated a mad scientists group in the 80's known as ASTRO. His career crystallised when he acquired Nexus Magazine in 1990 and since then has also founded the Nexus Newsfeed, an online platform for alternative news. 

He has been a key figure in alternative circles arranging various conferences, publishing books and assisting in the formation of a spiritual community in Bellingen in the late 70's, while also having the role as a father. Duncan has seen UFO's and has received hundreds of reports from experiencers who have never publicly shared their story to the media or UFO's.