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What are the details for the Saturday night Paradigm Shifters Dinner?

The Paradigm Shifters Dinner will be held @ Mantra on View. The meal will be a buffet-style service with vegetarian and gluten-free options available. Following the meal there will be a Q&A/discussion on various themes relevant to the paradigm shift. 


I really want to go to the summit but I will be attending alone, how will I meet other people?

We understand that there are many people who are interested in the topics that will be presented at the summit but have nobody to talk to about the global awakening. In 2016, about one third of the participants came alone so there are many people who are attending alone that want to connect.  It is precisely for this reason that the very first session of the summit will be a structured connection session where the participants will get a chance to meet each other and connect. Furthermore, there will be a special area for 'Solo Shifters' to meet at the breaks to chat, get a cup of tea or head out to lunch together. These initiatives are specifically designed to assist in creating an inclusive atmosphere at the Paradigm Shift Summit. So please do not worry if you are attending alone as this is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends. Moreover, if you keep choosing the same actions in life you will continue to experience the same outcomes. Carpe Diem!  


Can I park at the hotel?

Yes. This is the easiest option for parking.  Participants at the Paradigm Shift Summit may use the carpark at a charge of $8 per day. The early bird fee for parking is $5 if you park before 10AM


If I stay at Mantra on View Hotel do I get a discount if I am attending the summit?

Yes. Mantra on View is a 4-star hotel. The discount prices for participants at the Paradigm Shift Summit begin at $135 per night for a queen or twin-share. Please click the link to visit the venue page for further details GO.


I would like to attend the yoga class on Sunday morning but do not have a yoga mat, can I still join in?

Yoga equipment for the class is supplied (however we do have a limited number of mats). Just wear comfortable clothing, you do not need to wear 'active wear' or the latest yoga outfit. This is a gentle yoga class for real people practicing real yoga!


Can I record the presentations?

No. Participants are not permitted to record the presentations either visually or only with audio.


Are there restaurants and cafes close to the hotel?

Mantra on View is situated in Surfers paradise where there are numerous cafes and restaurants offering a diverse range of cuisine and menus. 


What should I bring?

Dress in layers of warm clothes as sometimes the air-conditioning can be quite cool in conference venues. Also bring a curious mind, an open heart and a soul that is yearning for the deeper truths of the meaning of life, the true nature of reality and the search for wisdom in these times of deep and profound change.