Sacred geometry - the flower of life decoded

Experience the mathematical magic of Jain and his expertise of conveying his knowledge of the ancient Flower of Life symbol also known as the Mother of Life pattern.

The template of the Vesica Piscis, having 2 intersecting circles touching one another's heart centre, is embedded at the core of the Flower of Life yantra. This blueprint of celestial mathematics is now in the mass consciousness, is worn commonly as jewellery, and underpins all atomic structure and biological forms. Shape Stores Memory. Though, to get to the Next Level of comprehension of this most ancient symbol,

Jain will show how the Harmonics of the Circle and the traditional value of Pi 3.141...is really deficient and disharmonious, and that the True Value of Pi aka JainPi is based on the Gisa Pyramid Maths, constituting a shift towards non-polluting physics that advances our technology and environmental awareness, when scientists embrace the ecosophical and Correctional Codes of 3.144...

Jain is an international lecturer on Sacred Geometry and Vedic Mathematics. 
He has taught thousands of children and adults all over Australia and overseas
in his program called "Mathemagics" that teaches the translation of Number Sequences into Atomic Art. His program that makes Maths Beautiful and high in visual content, is ideal for children with Special Needs.
He is also involved with the Wisdom University in France centred at Chartres, Notre Dame Cathedral, and set up a registered school in Singapore called The Joy of Numbers Institute. He is also available for private tuition in his local area of the Byron Bay shire.

Jain is the author of an amazing 27 books on sacred geometry and vedic mathematics and has also created numerous DVD's to compliment his literary work.