James Bartley is an Internationally Renowned UFO Researcher who has had numerous ET Encounters and UFO Sightings.

James has investigated UFOs and Alien Abductions for over thirty years. James has conducted an in-depth investigation into all aspects of the Reptilian Overlordship.

James also investigates the activities of other ET races such as the Mantis Beings, Insectoids and the various factions of the Greys. James has also investigated Military Abductions and the Deep Black Military – Aerospace Ops involving ETs.

His podcast is called The Cosmic Switchboard Show www.thecosmicswitchboard.com and has featured interviews with many of the top investigators in the UFO and Conspiracy Fields.

James has lectured in numerous places in the USA and Australia and was a featured speaker at the first ever REPCON (Reptilian Conference) near Manchester England.