ET Contactee, Truther & Activist – Galactic Change Agent 


Contact with ET's and their message for humanity.

Kris has had life-long contactee with ET's since the age of 6. He has received 'off-world' schooling throughout his childhood that led to a contact event around the age of 21 that resulted in his full awakening. Kris will offer a detailed narrative of his experiences with ET's including 'missing time' and the dramatic transformation he experienced from these galactic encounters.

Kris will reveal profound details and insights into his contact experiences. He will disclose his perceptions of the nature of his life long extra-terrestrial contact and give a personal account of his numerous interactions with interplanetary beings.

Significantly, this awakening created a passionate dedication to pursue higher learning and a deeper purpose and meaning to life. Kris began to research the control system on our planet and uncovered a constructed matrix designed to deceive humanity that is directly opposed to freedom while enslaving the collective through a complex system of social engineering. However, the ongoing planetary awakening is gaining momentum as people around the world are waking up and are now actively seeking a life of true freedom that transcends the current  paradigm. Kris has the calling to create awareness regarding these critical issues that are often hidden or disguised and empower those who are becoming aware of the overt and covert mechanisms of control that are systematically designed to suppress the consciousness of humanity. 

His presentation will also detail the various challenges he encountered as well as the profound changes that will occur as humanity moves deeper into the paradigm shift. This global view will also address the realisation that many people will experience a new reality that will lead to a shift in their belief systems and values.

Kris has a solution focused approach and will also consider future events for humanity from his perspective. His contact experiences were a catalyst for a deep interest in sustainable living and he now lives in a remote off-grid home and has created a sustainable business focusing on solar power.