Energy healer, Regression Therapist, Near Death Experiencer & Contactee – Paranormal Mystic 

My near death experiences, UFO's and the mysterious paranormal. My journey into multidimensional realities.

This will be Naomi's first ever public presentation on her truly profound cosmic experiences.

Naomi has experienced a profound integration with the paranormal even from an early age. This began with a near death experience (NDE) at the age of 8. Two more NDE’s also occurred at age 24 and 35. During these NDE’s there was interaction with various non-physical beings and ET’s. From a young age, Naomi has embodied psychic abilities including energetic healing, the capacity to visit other dimensions and the ability to understand premonitions of both good and bad events. Naomi is also a contactee and has experienced deep healing by ET’s as well as numerous ongoing sightings of UFO’s.

Naomi will address the true role of ‘the light’ at the moment of death, its purpose and the role of reincarnation. Naomi will also discuss how to transition and what to be aware of during this critical moment such as the issue of souls who are attached to this physical realm and cannot cross-over, while also including details of how through her paranormal gifts has personally helped others make a peaceful transition to the astral universe. Naomi will also include in her presentation an explanation of the 3D world from the perspective of death and the relationship between the physical body, spirit and consciousness.

Naomi will also explore the role of belief systems and how this will create what you see and experience when you cross over. This is also related to past lives and genetic patterns and the influence they have on your belief systems, health and well-being in this life. These aspects of existence are also considered from the fundamental division between love and fear and how these two fundamental states of consciousness will define everything you experience. 

Naomi offers the services of energy healing and regression therapy.