Your health and your gut the inseparable connection.

Narelle Chenery aka 'The Green Goddess' is the co-founder and creative director of Miessence, the world's first certified organic skin care and personal product range, all made right here in Australia. Narelle's integration of health into the beauty industry has had an extensive impact with her passionate approach of empowering and educating consumers. Narelle is a pioneer in the health and wellness industry and is a role-model for other women in her dynamic approach to the female entrepreneur of the 21st century. 

The topic of gut health is currently one of the hottest topics in the wellness industry. A harmonious gut is paramount to general well-being and health, as many chronic illnesses are linked to imbalances and associated problems with the gut. Moreover, the gut contains a substantial amount of neural mater and research increasingly indicates that there is a direct link between the gut and our emotional well-being and overall happiness. In fact greater amounts of dopamine are produced in the gut than in the brain, providing a paradigm shifting revelation that the health our of our gut is paramount to our mental health. 

Ultimately, today's multitude of digestive illnesses are linked to diet, lifestyle and emotional issues. The illness itself is simply the effect. Narelle's presentation will address the cause and how to adopt preventative measures and maintain harmonious gut health through natural measures. This knowledge will empower you to understand the relationship between cause and effect and take the necessary action to avoid the numerous gut health issues and their associated symptoms that are becoming increasingly prevalent 

Narelle is a natural health and wellness pioneer. She created her own hand-made mail-order cosmetic range in 1998. After further research and business development, Narelle launched Miessence with industry giants eventually following in her footsteps by launching their own certified organic cosmetic products. 

Narelle is passionate about the educating of people to understand what is exactly in the products they consume and the potential harmful effects to their health. For this reason Narelle is an activist for social and consumer change presenting world-wide to business leaders, entrepreneurs, cosmetic industry professionals and government bodies while also writing articles for leading health publications. Narelle is also a vocal advocate and a campaigner for integrity in the arena of international organic standards and regulations to maintain the purity and established standards of organic products.