SATURDAY 17.03.18

Join us for a new moon skywatch featuring insightful presentations, meditations, the potential for contact and connection to your galactic tribe as we look to the stars for inspiration and cosmic integration.

We already know that we are not alone. We seek greater peaceful communication with our intergalactic family.


Interactive seminar

How to accelerate your awakening and the odyssey of ascension in 2018.

This is the interactive seminar at the new moon skywatch which will be held by Anthony O'Flynn the director of the Paradigm Shift Summit.

This engaging presentation will address disclosure, UFO's and genuine transformation during this time of profound change.



Special guests – Armonica Sound Healing 

Pineal activation & vibrational medicine – an experiential sound journey.

This serene live performance will feature this talented duo who play at numerous events and have performed internationally. Japanese born Chiho plays the crystal Armoninca. This instrument has 30 pure quartz crystal bowls and can have healing effects.

The special overtones of the Armonica (1000–4000Hz) activate the pineal gland and produce states of deep consciousness. Phil plays the Didgeridoo, Temple Gong, Mayan Flute and Samadhi bowls. This etheric experience will heal, soothe and elevate your entire being. 


Venue - Kupidabin Cultural Association, 7 Lyell St. Mount Samson – a beautiful natural setting with expansive views and an undercover workshop space if the weather changes. 

Earlybird fee - $50 (ends 11.03). Full fee $70.

The skywatch will consist of meditations, intention setting and various experimental techniques to create cosmic integration, conscious interaction and various forms of contact than can occur both in the sky and on the ground.  


This event will be characterised by a compassionate heartfelt nonjudgmental atmosphere.  We seek peaceful contact with benevolent inter-dimensional ET's who wish to assist humanity through this time of profound awakening and the transition to become an openly integrated interstellar planet. The goal is to create the conditions or specific resonance for extensive ongoing contact. 

The skywatch is a wonderful event for the awakening community to connect and exchange ideas. The evening will conclude with socialising and sharing

The skywatch will be limited to only 50 people due to logistical issues at the venue.

A previous skywatch at solstice completely booked out weeks in advance and many people who waited to buy their ticket were unable to attend. So if you would like to participate buy your ticket early so you don't miss out.

This is an intergalactic adventure not to be missed.

Please note participants must be 18+.



Summer Solstice Skywatch at Yandina 2017.

Summer Solstice Skywatch at Yandina 2017.