It was mid December, 2012 when the event occurred.  

After 3 days of intense presence, and in what seemed like a blink of an eye, the veil to Matthew’s higher consciousness lifted as he experienced an expanded state well outside anything he had previously encountered in his 25 years in health, metaphysics and personal transformation as a degree qualified physiologist.

The vision, insights and information Matthew received in this expanded state were crystal clear. One Moment. One Message. One Mission 

In this moment he heard a very moving and inspirational message: To lead the light. To lead the way. To grow leaders; not followers. To help people activate their potential and awaken to higher states of consciousness.

Matthew was shown the sacred geometry of the flower of life encompassing Gaia - with each point of the intersecting circles representing “Points of Light” or, activation points all over the planet, where people are awakening to higher states of consciousness, reclaiming their personal power and using their unique gifts, talents and abilities to help shift humanity’s consciousness to the next level of spiritual evolution. 

To add further depth to Matthew’s experience, he also has specific details relating to major planetary events, energetic transition points and critical timelines in the process of ascension  revealed to him and tasked with sharing this information with others to help them prepare for the Great Awakening and changes to occur cosmologically.

Since this reality-shifting experience, Matthew has delivered workshops and seminars to more than 40,000 people throughout Australia, NZ, USA, UK and Asia in helping them raise their vibration, reclaim their power and choose to live life on new abundant terms.

Matthew believes we all have ‘zero limits’ and an unlimited capacity to create the life we desire. The time for tinkering in the past and playing by the old law-makers’ rules is over and being replaced by a higher, more powerful Truth: We are eternal, powerful, trans-dimensional beings with advanced conscious abilities.