Pineal activation & vibrational medicine – an experiential sound journey

This serene live performance will feature this talented duo who play at numerous events and have performed internationally. Japanese born Chiho plays the crystal Armonica. This instrument has 30 pure quartz crystal bowls and can have healing effects. The special overtones of the Armonica (1000–4000Hz) activates the pineal gland and produce states of deep consciousness. Phil plays the Didgeridoo, Temple Gong, Mayan Flute and Samadhi bowls. This etheric experience will heal, soothe and elevate your entire being. 

Phil and Chiho explore the many facets of sound and music using the Crystal Armonica, ancient instruments and vocals. This fusion produces healing, relaxation and spiritual evolution all through the power of sound.

The duo have shared their music and sound meditation for ten years. They have performed at temples, shrines, yoga studios and various festivals in Japan and Australia.

Chiho is a musician, sound healing artist and holistic counsellor and was born to be a musician, learning to play the piano at just 4 years old. Chiho has released 2 albums which include her sublime vocals as well as the Crystal Armonica, Erhu (Chinese Violin), Temple Gong, Didgeridoo, Drums, Dulcimer and various other instruments. Chiho also leads chants and kirtan using vocals in English, Sanskrit and Japanese. These frequencies can assist to open anahata, the heart chakra.

Chiho began her career in the media as a TV/ radio presenter and announcer. After travelling to Hawaii Chiho began her journey into healing and the exploration of natural healing techniques. Chiho’s qualifications include a graduate diploma of teaching in music and has taught at a Steiner school. Chiho also offers healing sessions using sound, holistic counselling, regression therapy, reiki and meditation.

Phil has been a performing musician for most of his life and began his career playing on stage at 16 in rock bands. He radically departed from this genre in 1987 after returning from India and was drawn to Eastern styles of music as well as chanting. This transition led to Phil performing his own music at the World Music Festival in India. 

Phil has also used a combination of his artistic and musical talents to assist in juvenile detention centres using art therapy, sound healing and various other healing techniques.

As a multi-talented performer, Phil is skilled with the Didgeridoo, Dulcimer and various percussion instruments. Phil's qualifications include a diploma of teaching (BEd.), a diploma of holistic counselling and regression therapy training.

Together these two musical souls will offer an ambient and healing experience that fuses a multitude of instruments, styles and vocals to produce an experiential journey into the healing power of sound.