Gut health – high vibrational food for evolution & ascension

A healthy body, mind and spirit are essential for optimal function in this time of changing energies. Tom will be giving his signature sauerkraut making demonstration, where he will show how safe and easy it is to make a massively probiotic rich super food augmented with the healing powers of Australian bush medicines. As Tom works, he will explore concepts such as food as medicine, natural antibiotics, the energy and ethics of food, the importance of clean food, gut healing, parasite cleansing and much more.

A healthy gut supplied with good, clean food is our starting point if we wish to be all we can be, to better weather energetic ups and downs and ascension symptoms and to enter the New Paradigm from a place of integrity and empowerment.

Tom is an ecologist, environmental scientist, reflexologist, energy worker, health and lifestyle coach, writer, researcher, and teacher of the fermented arts in all their forms. He lives with his wife Christy Lavers, and their son Jasper Blue in a pole house, in a rainforest in North Eastern New South Wales, Australia.