Kerry is passionate about authentically connecting you to your multidimensional wisdom and awakening your own innate abilities and potential.

During her childhood growing up in regional Victoria, Kerry had an awareness of her intuitive abilities and encountered out-of-body experiences.

Kerry completed a Bachelor of Nursing and during 20 years of nursing practice was able to intuitively feel and clear people's energy to enhance their overall healing. Kerry went on to specialise in women’s health and well being. Moving into palliative care, Kerry began to receive messages from patients who had passed on.

Further studies including Reiki led Kerry to begin to practice as an energetic healer, spiritual coach and channel. For the last decade she has worked with her clients’ energy fields and receives individual healing messages from spirit. Throughout this time Kerry has channeled both Pleiadian and other beings.

Well known for her grounded approach to sharing her ‘star messages’, Kerry activates her audiences through light language, which includes clearing karmic blocks to allow for greater human expansion. These messages assist an individual to move from separation to love and unity.

Kerry aims to help integrate the ‘extaordinary’ into mainstream acceptance for greater meaning and balance in our everyday lives.

Kerry offers one-on-one intuitive energy healings and light language readings. She also runs meditation circles, workshops as well as business and private group presentations.

Kerry is currently writing a book of channelled messages from Pleiadian and other beings and lives in the Byron hinterland with her husband and three children.

Kerry is a bridge to our individual Paradigm Shifts.